Sendokai Champions I

· Role: Lead Character TD and Tools Developer.
· Description: Anim TV series. (26 x 12′ per seasson.)
· Production: Kotoc.
· Software: Autodesk Maya.
· Status: Released April 2013.
· Seassons: 1/2.


Every 10,000 years several dimensions of the universe come closer and many planets are now within the reach of Zorn Dimension. Their leader, Marshal Zorn will force their inhabitants to fight in a Great Tournament where only the winner will get freedom for its people.

After finding bracelets made of an unknown material, two boys and two girls are called on to defend our planet. A bolt of blue light marks the place where the battle will take place. The bolt of light and the gems transform our kids into fantastic beings. With the aim of winning the games and thus preserving peace on the Earth, they perform incredible stunts. After their daring deeds, they return to their human form and have to face life like the children they are.

Four kids are called into defend our planet from the evil Marshal Zorn. They will have to win a tournament where magic plays the main role.