· Role: Lead Character TD and Tools Developer.
· Description: Anim TV series. (52 x 7′)
· Production: Kotoc.
· Software: Autodesk Maya.
· Status: Pilot Episode.
· Year:  2012.


Laland is like no other world ever seen or ever heard of, where impossible beings live among fantasy and songs. The main inhabitants are the Sulfis, fantastic creatures full of life and good humour who breathe music through every pore of their strange skin.

Their community is established around the season of reverberating sounds, because the Sulfis live off and for sounds. Each one of them generates a special and characteristic sound and, with the songs they make through the combination of these sounds, they create musical fruit, which then gives them their unlimited vitality and happiness.

In his zeal to spread his business interests through the whole universe, the evil Korman may appear in any of the episodes, threatenig the Sulfis’ happy existende.

Can the Sulfis maintain harmony in Laland, with only the power of their songs?